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Hello! I’m Sarah Bray.

I’m an entrepreneur, digital strategist, and author who spends a lot of time thinking about how our design and marketing choices affect people, including ourselves.

If you’re looking for my newsletter, digital workspace, book, strategy & design services, or contact info, you’ve come to the right place!

I run a free newsletter.

It has a few thousand subscribers, and it’s pretty random, but always useful.

If you subscribe, you’ll receive personal letters, discoveries, and questions about a more human approach to making and sharing our work.

You’ll also be subjected to invitations to new projects, so you’ll need a certain comfort level with being a guinea pig.

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I host a digital co-working space.

Gathered is a co-working space, but online. It’s where I share my projects as I create them, along with an intimate group of other compassionate creators. I <3 this space, especially because of the people who make it special.

I wrote a book.

It’s called Gather the People, and it’s a human-centered approach to making and marketing. The digital edition includes both audio and ebook formats.

I design experiences that build connection.

I’m CMO of &yet and team lead at yes&. We’re currently booking our fall calendar and would love to have you on it. We’ve worked on some pretty special projects for organizations large and small, and we would love to work with you.

You can reach me directly by emailing sarah@andyet.com or by filling out this handy form. If it looks like we might be a good fit, I’m happy to strategize with you about the next steps for whatever it is your team is trying to create in the world.

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Thank you for stopping by!

For interviews or speaking engagements, email hello@sarahjbray.com. I am grateful to have been featured in The Huffington Post, New York Observer, and Offscreen Magazine, and I’ve recently spoken at CreativeLive and DYFConf.

If you’re curious about following me on social media, I’m not there anymore. But there are lots of other, more intentional ways for us to keep in touch, and I hope we will!

<3, Sarah

Sarah J. Bray, Digital Strategist