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Hello again!

Wondering if you've missed something? (That's me most of the time.)

This timeline includes all of my updates chronologically in one spot.

What would be possible if you could do anything?

Do you ever wish you had a certain skill (writing, or design, or marketing, or code, or video production, or … ?). I do…all the time. In fact, I’d say most of my creative path has been forged by whatever skill I decide to learn next.

I believe learning new skills and leveling up the ones we currently have opens the door to more freedom and possibility in our lives. Even (and especially) if we’re learning something that seems to have no relation at all to our work.

We Were Made to Be Free

As I’ve been playing around with design concepts and content for Done Before Lunch, I’ve been thinking about the philosophy around creating a new productivity system – is one really needed? Don’t we already have enough productivity hacks and tips for several lifetimes of work?

I don’t think so. Because none of them address the problem of freedom.

Choose one challenge

My current challenge with creating a print edition of Gather the People is I’m not sure what improvements to make. I’ve been assuming I need to have a clear scope and vision before I begin.

However, my conversation with Gregory Brown changed my mind. Here’s how I’m applying what I’ve learned.

May. 27

A conversation about iteration

Gregory and I had this conversation via direct message on Twitter the other day. I learned so much, I asked if I could have permission to share it.