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Hello again!

Wondering if you've missed something? (That's me most of the time.)

This timeline includes all of my updates chronologically in one spot.

Jul. 15

The Lonely City

The theme of loneliness has been one I’ve been interested in lately (probably because I deal with it often as a self-employed person). The Lonely City is a beautiful memoir that dives into what loneliness means, why it’s so embarrassing, and how we move from isolation to connection.

Jul. 08

Community Projects Are Here

We are all working on such interesting projects. I want to find a way to surface them, so we can cheer each other on.

For this reason, I’ve added yet another section to the site (that originally was supposed to be really simple, and is now growing in complexity by the minute). But, I think the complexity is worth it. I figure I’ll let the site grow really crazy and weird and then simplify it in the next version.

I’ll be adding projects that you all have already shared with me over the coming weeks. If you’re working on a project and would like to propose it for this space, send me the landing page link by emailing hello@sarahjbray.com. I can’t wait to see it!