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Hello again!

Wondering if you've missed something? (That's me most of the time.)

This timeline includes all of my updates chronologically in one spot.

Getting the information we need to iterate

I have never been good at iterating the projects I make. By the time I’ve gotten feedback from the first version, I’m kind of sick of the whole thing.

But I care about this book. As my first book, it’s this little shining thing that I want to be able to hold onto. I don’t want it to be constrained to bits and pixels. I want it to live on in print.

So what do I improve, and what do I leave as-is for this print version?

May. 23

You’ll now get an email when someone responds to your comment!

I noticed when I responded to some of your comments with a question, I didn’t hear back from you. Which made me realize that there’s really no way of knowing if someone has responded to your comment unless you go back and check it.

Still trying to figure out the best way to facilitate conversation here, but it’s a step. Long live email responses!

Done Before Lunch

What: A philosophy & system for resistance-free productivity

Why: Over the past 10 years, I have traumatized myself when it comes to work & productivity. I have burned myself out, repeatedly, to the point where I am now extremely resistant to anything I commit myself to.

So a few years ago, I invented a weird system that allowed me to overcome my productivity anxiety. I called it “The 90-Minute Work Day”. Since then, I’ve tweaked that system to work in many different contexts, and I’ve developed a philosophy about why it works.