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Ignore this page. It’s useless for our purposes here but harder to get rid of in WordPress than you’d think. (Will do it eventually.)

Tools & Talismans: An art project by Liz Kalloch

I love Liz Kalloch’s ambitious project to interview 100 creative women about the tools they use in their creative work. She is collecting a photograph from each person’s tools so she can document them in watercolor, as well as a short paragraph about why their tools are important to them.

You can view the Tools & Talismans project and/or email Liz if you’d like to be featured (she only has 13 interview spots left).

Jul. 08

Community Projects Are Here

We are all working on such interesting projects. I want to find a way to surface them, so we can cheer each other on.

For this reason, I’ve added yet another section to the site (that originally was supposed to be really simple, and is now growing in complexity by the minute). But, I think the complexity is worth it. I figure I’ll let the site grow really crazy and weird and then simplify it in the next version.

I’ll be adding projects that you all have already shared with me over the coming weeks. If you’re working on a project and would like to propose it for this space, send me the landing page link by emailing hello@sarahjbray.com. I can’t wait to see it!

Jun. 30

More books!

The observant among us may have noticed that for the past month, I’ve only posted one book. If you know me at all, you may have guessed that I’ve read maybe ten books since then.

The problem: I was waiting to finish a book to write up a whole article of things I’ve learned. Which is much too much.

Now, I’ve re-arranged the site so I can post mini-book learnings rather than one mammoth book review (which…who wants to read anyway?). That means more books for you, and more fun for me. 🙂 Enjoy!